Pint-Sized Picks For A Miniature Plant Garden

It was a lovely Hosta garden that led me to think about the possibilities of displaying miniature plants in the open air. Tiny Hostas were shown both in the ground and with other shade plants, while others were planted together in pots, rocks and columns of tree stumps and in Schufa planters. Now it’s on my Radar to create a kind of miniature plant garden, and I’m happy to get my plants.

Since many people live in smaller urban spaces, from townhouses or Bungalows on small plots to balconies, many companies come out with more compact varieties of food and ornamental plants. Terraced vegetable varieties, such as beans and cucumbers, make edible gardening more accessible in a small space, while other varieties, such as the lilac Bloomerang, are more compact to fit small gardens.

Then we go down the ladder to these even smaller miniature varieties. I think terrariums first triggered the tiny trend of plants for indoor plants as well as fairy tale gardens for indoor and outdoor plants. I was all over the interior minis. On a recent visit to the garden center, I bought a mini-fern “Crispy Wave”, which is now sitting in a tealight holder in my office. And I wrote about miniature cyclamen in my cool houseplants article, and created some projects with Christmas-themed minis. Now I’m ready for an outdoor project.

Varieties of Miniature Plants Garden

A glance through my photos from a visit to the California Spring Trials with the National Garden Bureau refreshed my memory of the miniature annuals and perennials I had seen. Hort Couture had some small bright varieties of Coleus that were new in their Coleus under the sea line: “Neon urchin”and”Sea Monkey Rust”. While exploring this article, I discovered that this Coleus series was developed by horticultural students at the University of Saskatchewan. And due to the not perfect greenhouse conditions, the plants were introduced at both ends of the thermometer in difficult conditions and therefore can withstand both sun and shade, heat and cold. ‘Sea Urchin Neon’ is a small 4″, but grows to about 10 “and ‘Sea Monkey Rust’ becomes 7″to 12”.

The collection also includes ‘bone Fish’ with its beautiful Fuchsia and Chartreuse leaves, which measure between 8 “and 14”, as well as ‘Sea Monkey Purple’, which has purple outer leaves with cream to light green hues inside. It grows between 7 “and 12”.

If you are looking for miniature plants, do not be afraid to look for branded plants for fairy-tale gardens. A perennial grower that’s pretty local for me, Valleybrook, has a line called Fairy Flowers that you can add to a garden of miniature plants, even if there’s no tiny accessory. For a mini tree, look for ‘Karla Kay’s Golden Dwarf Hinoki Cypress’. ‘Belle’s Pink Cranesbill’ would be a delicate floral complement for a garden.

Back at spring trials in California, Terra Nova nurseries had created some large potted arrangements with miniature perennials. I love Heucheras, so I was very fond of the LITTLE CUTIE series. There is a nice selection of colors available: from ‘Sweet Tart’, with its lime green leaves and bright red flowers; ‘Coco’, with its deep chocolate foliage and light pink flowers; and ‘Blondie’ with delicious caramel colored leaves and those beautiful yellow flowers.

Terra Nova also has a dwarf Coleus collection. Plants branch even with very small leaves. The leaves of Coleus TERRA NOVA ‘Persia’ look like mini oaks, but are yellow green with orange centers. Coleus TERRA Nova ‘ Ara ‘ is a flying brown color with cream-colored centers.

A little more ditch yielded a miniature Dianthus of bluestone perennials: Dianthus gratianopolitanus ‘Tiny Rubies’, described as a “charming cushion of 1” foliage with masses.”This has been added to my List!

And finally the Hostas that led me down this funny little rabbit hole. In fact, looking through my photos, I realized that I was aiming for two Hosta gardens. One garden actually had labels under the plants, so I grabbed a few favorites: “little white lines”,” Stiletto”and” snow mouse”. There are many varieties with “mouse” in the name. “Mini Mighty Mouse” seems to be a popular variety with its round calcareous and dark green leaves. There is a Hosta specialist in my field called with a variety called “mini skirt” on the List, so I will definitely visit this place to start my collection.

In-Ground ideas for a garden of miniature plants

Miniature perennials would be a nice addition to a small, modest garden, perhaps in front of a townhouse-or in the back. Some plants complement a small rock garden well. Whatever you plant, just check the planting label to make sure the conditions in which your little child can thrive match the conditions in the home you are creating. I have a few concrete blocks around the deck stones that were once under a hot tub. Some of the holes are empty, while others are home to Sedums and a Dianthus (I don’t know how it got there!). Some of these Mini Heucheras or Coleus would fit perfectly! They would also create a beautiful border around a much smaller garden.

Container ideas for a garden of miniature plants

There are all kinds of container combinations that you can create with miniature plants. Do not be afraid to combine perennials like Hostas and Heucheras in pots. These are excellent options for those who have balconies or small terraces and terraces. I can imagine that miniature perennials work very well even in window boxes.

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